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Governments, businesses, and educational institutions are fighting a never ending battle to preserve the integrity and authenticity of their secure and negotiable documents. Security Litho, a division of International Security Products, is a secure printing firm which has closely followed the trends and industry of fraud and counterfeiting. There are many printers and distrbutors who are saturating the market with claims of security printing which are producing low level features with little control and thus hurting the true secure print market. Outside of these negligent printers and distributors, the primary cause for the proliferation of document fraud is the publics easy access to low cost digital computers, copiers, scanners, and printers. In adding to the ease of desktop counterfeiting is the availability to the open market of security features and products which were once controlled but readilly sold by the aforementioned negligent printers. Checks and other secure documents are now an easy find on eBay or other online sites who will sell these documents to anyone, including counterfeiters.

Security Litho was established as a secondary portal of International Security Products to provide effective solutions through ongoing development of new and creative document security technologies. Working the patent holder, Verify First Technologies (VFT), has been issued nineteen U. S. and European patents and have numerous patents pending for additional anti-fraud technologies.

Thank you for considering Security Litho as your anti-fraud solution provider.


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